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Wedding Photographer: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire,
the Cotswolds and Beyond...

My studio is based in the beautiful Cotswolds town of Cheltenham Spa. Although the majority of the weddings I photograph are located within Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds, my work also takes me throughout the whole of the UK and overseas.

Below, is a little on my ethos and approach to wedding photography. Unlike many wedding photographers, I come from a strong background in the arts. Having studied fine art to degree level and beyond, I have a strong understanding of aesthetics and constantly strive to achieve the strongest possible imagery from every wedding I photograph.

Photographically, I have many inspirations. My Father was a compulsive collector of LIFE magazine and photography books from the likes of James Nachtwey, Arno Minkkinen as well as the greatest of them all Henri Cartier Bresson. I approach wedding photography, as did many of my idols from the past, with patience and observation being key. I try to be as invisible as possible at a wedding and for the most part guests should just think I'm a friend with a camera. By working in this way, there is an intimacy and honesty to my photographs which could not be achievable otherwise.

Although 90% of what I do is photojournalism, I also like to mix in contemporary portraiture. Portraiture is an area of my work I love and feel I'm strongest at, but I also know it's not everybody's cup of tea! As such, it's something I never insist on.

Although I now photograph digitally, my background is from the film days. This and my influences from the past are inherent in my post-production values. Simply put, if it wasn't possible in the darkroom then I will not allow it on my computer. My approach to post-production results in wedding photographs which will stand the test of time. For more information regarding my ethos, services and fees please see Bio Page.
Wedding Venues...

I have been lucky enough to photograph weddings at some incredible venues in my time, including: Aynhoe Park, Elmore Court, Blenheim Palace, Eastnor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, Pittville Pump Rooms, Sudeley Castle, Cripps Barn, Wyck Hill House, Matara Centre, Bibury Court Hotel, Kingscote Barn, Coombe Lodge and the Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury to name just a few.