Matara Centre Wedding Photography...

Last week, I was lucky enough to be asked to the Matara Centre for an awards dinner and I was also lucky enough to win an award...!

It was a mega night and so incredibly lovely. Thank you Tara and Geoffrey.

Last year (2017) I only shot a couple of weddings at the Matara this one and also Charlotte and Dan's (click here). This was not by choice, but just because I have become so incredibly busy all the enquiries I received I was already booked for. Gutting as the Matara and I just seem to resonate, I love it and the photographs always seem to come so easily.

The good news is 2018 and 2019 I have loads! Again, thank you everyone at the Matara, for backing me and giving me the opportunity to let my lens land where it lands!

Below are a few faves from Adam and Lizzie's wedding - I hope you like,



We've only got as far as the reception drinks so far but OMG they are amazing!!

Thanks so much Adam and Lizzie