Lyde Court Wedding Photography...

I've shot some tough weddings in my time...

Winter weddings are always tricky because it's dark by 4 pm and the weather is unknown, but this wedding in terms of pushing me and my camera to the very edge of what's possible wins!

Lyde Court in Herefordshire is the darkest wedding venue I have ever seen. So dark the father of the bride couldn't read his speech! Photography is all about light and the more of it available, the more options it gives you.

Being so dark and having such high ceilings meant the only option available to me was 35mm and 24mm lenses shot wide open. It was a massive challenge and one I really loved. However, It does worry me that photographers without the right lenses and experience would fall flat on their face here. It really is that difficult.

Massive thank you to Charlie and Steve an absolute highlight of my year. From your wonderfully eccentric Vicar, great family and friends, and greek dancing I loved every second.

As always thank you for your interest in my work,


Herefordshire Wedding Photography ...

I hope you like looking through a few of Charlie and Steve's wedding photographs. If you're getting married, in Herefordshire , Gloucestershire , the Cotswold or anywhere in the UK , please get in touch!