Elmore Court Wedding Photography...

I first met Owain and Patricia a couple of years ago now and loved them from that very second. At the time Elmore Court wasn't as established as it is now, I think maybe having only put on a handful of weddings. I know at the time I'd only photographed one wedding there, but even from that very first meeting Owain and Patricia's day would be special. I was not wrong.

I have a theory when it comes to weddings that the further people travel the better they are. Many of my weddings are London couples getting married in the Cotswolds. Or a Cotswold couple finding their dream venue in France or whatever the situation may be.

In this instance Patricia and all her family flew over from Brazil! Even by my book that's a long way to go for a wedding!

Well, was my theory right? I'd say so: from the very second I arrived to the very second I left Elmore was just on fire. The happiest, warmest and most loving wedding I have ever witnessed.

The photos do the talking far better than my dyslexic rambles I try and put together for the blogs...

As always thank you for your interest in my work,



Hi James,
You've made our evening, the photos from the day are absolutely incredible, both delighted!!