Cowley Manor Wedding Photography...

Morning team,

I've got to get some blogs done as I'm so far behind, that I still have stuff from 2016 that I really want to post, but just never seem to have the time... Also, I want to write a book, but more of that later.

I know why blogs take me so long, it's a mixture of self-doubt and this bloody dyslexia, which make the writing bit so much tougher than you could ever imagine. On the flip side, I believe it makes my job as a photographer, so much easier...

My dyslexia has always pissed me off. It makes certain things so bloody annoying (tidiness, academia, writing and actually touches almost every other area of life you can imagine - it cuts deep, it really does).

So what you say, you have an amazing job, you're good at what you do and probably even make a few quid too. All true, but dyslexia I believe is the reason for all that and for reasons you may not imagine...

Seeing the world through these dyslexic goggles I believe makes seeing the truth in people far easier. I seem to have an uncanny knack of knowing what buttons to push (and equally when not to) that gives my work the look and consistency I achieve.

I also believe that it may (or may not) make seeing compositions easier, but both those reasons are not why I believe my work looks like it does.

It comes from the pain... As a child I was unlucky enough to go to a private school and after I buggered that up even managed to get into a grammar school. You see my parents were from the stock where the only path in life was being a doctor, accountant, barrister etc. Professions which were completely out of my reach. It didn't stop me trying (well at the beginning at least), but when you try so incredibly hard to achieve and all you achieve is a bollocking, it doesn't take too much intelligence to realise that no matter if you work your arse off or do nothing at all the same result is achieved: a bollocking.

This, of course, got me branded me as lazy, a good for nothing and of course someone who would never achieve anything in life. A life which would amount to nothing I was often told.

So unlike most, my need to achieve, put two fingers up to all those who wrote me off is why I believe the work looks like it does. Proving the system wrong I suppose is my primary driver.

Back to the book I mentioned in the beginning...

I have to write this book, I just do. In my mind, I have it all the content. the title and a belief that if written properly could help many, many people. Of course, to achieve this I need to overcome my lifelong battle with Dyslexia. It's why I have been trying to find my written voice over the last few blog post and not just show the pics, but as you're here for the pics - see below!

I hope you like!!!


Lastly, I also chose this wedding as I was only there for four hours so so much easier doing the picks!!


Thank you so much for the photographs we are absolutely thrilled with them. What an amazing skill you have! Its going to be a hard job choosing which ones to have printed - they are all heaven.

Hope we get to meet you again.

Alice and Will.