Weddings at Blenheim Palace...

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I hate this bit - I've never been a natural when it comes to the written word and always believe my photographs tell a far better story than I ever could. However, I also think if there's an area of weakness try to embrace and work with it. So here goes...

Blenheim Palace is well Blenheim Palace... Extraordinary. It really is out of this world and I have been lucky enough to shoot there twice this year. Shooting such venues comes with an added layer of pressure, a pressure I felt even more when not having met Chris or Emily and stuck in a massive traffic jam!!! Luckily, the traffic cleared up and I could not have met a more chilled out couple.

Unknown to Emily and Chris I was feeling a little poorly on the run up to their wedding so I brought along a friend of mine to help second shoot. Eve Dunlop. Eve did a fantastic job and although I haven't put any of her shots on my blog, I know she has put a few on her facebook page so please check them out and like!

It's got to the point where I'm stuck for words so below I'll leave you a few of my faves from the day. As always thank you so much for your interest in my work,



Thank you so much for your contribution to our wedding. Everyone loved you and so did we! I'm so pleased you were a part of it!

Many thanks!


Blenheim Palace Wedding Photography

Blenheim Palace Wedding Photographer

 Wedding Photography Blenheim Palace

 Wedding Photographer Blenheim Palace