Best of Elmore Court...

So I started today thinking I'd do a best of 2017, after about an hour though, I though bollocks to that! It would take me a year to finish it. So instead, I'd thought 'd do a best of Elmore as I shot a few wedding there last year.

Even that has taken me hours and hours and I'm only half way through the weddings I shot there, so this is a bit of a work in progress post.

Hope to get it finished by the end of next year!

As always thank you to all those who follow my work, let me shot their wedding and of course to Ans and the team at Elmore - Boom!


More to follow gang - these are only the picks from about half the weddings I shot at Elmore in 2017 - so if I missed your wedding please don't be cross part two will be up soon!