A Dinner Party - Aynhoe Park...

One thing people often ask me is what else I do - the answer is I only shoot weddings really, but I also do the odd party...

I've never blogged this side of my work before, so to keep things interesting I thought why not and to keep things more interesting I'll only post only the black and white pics.

I love black and white, I give all my photos in black and white and colour, but often it's the black and white versions which I love the best.

So, a little bit about the do... Well, it was at Aynhoe Park. Good start. Hosts: art consultant and a co-founding director of a global art advisory agency 1858. No pressure then!

In some ways, I've started getting quite used to the unknown, the pressure and buzz of what I do. It's addictive and hard to slow down. Which probably explains why when I had a week off in January I drove to Bosnia!

Also on vocals was the incredible Andrew Bourn from Jack Pack who came second in Britain's got talent. Trust me that man has got talent! Get him or them at your wedding

Anyway enough from me - here are the pics!


James…these are simply outstanding! So happy and can’t believe some of the shot you got.