Elmore Court Wedding Photography...

Morning Gang,

Today I've woken up in a thinky sort of mood... It started with Inster (I love a bit of inster!) and I saw this meme saying 'Your Vibe Is Your Tribe'...

As you often do with memes, you think damn right, so true or whatever, and go back to making a cup of tea, but in this case, it made me think I should change my ways a bit...

You see, in many ways, I have been a bit of an outsider in the wedding photography world, stayed away from awards (always been proud to be the only non-award winning wedding photographer on the planet), belong to hardly and forums/groups, never been to a workshop or even a world summit. Yet, without all these, I have quite modestly been smashing it for years...

It wasn't until I heard one of my online friends, fellow wedding photographer and master baker Andrew Billington's podcast on photographers keeping it real which started to change my mind... In the past, I always thought why would any photographer really want to help other photographers get better... It'll only threaten their position, saturate an already hugely saturated market etc. Frankly, I thought in many cases it was just an easy way to make a quick buck and as my Dad always said to me there's no such thing as a quick buck. However, over the last few months, I have changed my mind. It made me think I was being the selfish one, the one threatened by the saturation etc and remembered that from the dawn of time all successful people follow the same cycle: Learn - Do - Teach.

From having the quite frankly amazing new talent Tom Durn come under my wing this season, seeing him come on and the sense of pride I've received from it I now know it's my time to teach.

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do the teaching bit yet. I may go to Mr Billington's workshop and get some tips, but more likely it'll be an apprenticeship type thing. At this moment in time, I don't really know, but please contact me if this is something you'd be interested in. The one thing I promise it won't cost you a fortune and hopefully will be mutually beneficial.

Anyway, that's enough ramblings, time for Lucy and Rich's wedding photos - hope you like!



James - you genius! We absolutely love them, and you!

Can't stop looking at them, they are everything we hoped and more, and take us straight back to the day. They are exactly the style and vibe of what we were hoping for - we're so happy we found you!

We can't wait to share these with friends and family, who I know will love these as much as we do.... you were right - they're so mega!

Wanted to take this chance to thank you again for everything - I think we mentioned, you were the first supplier we booked for the wedding and the easiest to decide on, as soon as we saw your images we knew it had to be you! You were great fun on the day and it was a pleasure having you there :)

Lucy & Rich xx