Elmore Court Wedding Photography...

I don't normally get too worried before a wedding, but I do sometimes get butterflies. Kat and Ben's weddings I had a few - Couple of reasons A) I really like Kat and Ben B) She works at Elmore and as I make quite a few dollar there each year so I thought better not muck this one up!

Anyway, after about 12 seconds after rocking up I was right into the swing of things and the photos came easily. In fact the day was bloody brilliant - all my fave suppliers really. My good old pal Darren Campbell was on the Magic and Ben from the Revue was smashing out the tunes.

Anyway, you're here for the pics!! See below:

As always thanks for your interest in my work,


DUDE! Smashed the absolute granny out of it. Love love love them. Thank you 👊🏼