Wedding Photography at Ballymagarvey Village Ireland...

I get about a bit nowadays...

I shot Christian & Niamh's Wedding at Ballymagarvey Village in Ireland because they searched #smokebombs on Instagram!
You couldn't make it up!

I loved this wedding. I loved Christian & Niamh, all their family and friends.

We became friends, friends for life I believe.
How good is that!

Hope you like the piccies team!




These are amazing! You absolutely shot the tits off the day!!
Niamh is a puddle here beside me crying and laughing at all the photos! I hope your passport is up to date, because if she gets up the spout we’re flying you out to Aus to take pics of birth and first days! Like it or not your now the official commentator of our life! We'll keep a bottle of gin in the house just for you!
Such a good job!

Thank you so much mate for everything!!

Love and Laughs,

Christian & Niamh