Another day, another wedding photographer...

It's something a good friend of mine said to me the other day and I have been quietly observing for a while now. Literally every day a new 'professional' wedding photographer seems to arrive on the scene.

I can spot them a mile off... I was one. All wedding photographers have to start somewhere and it's something I don't begrudge in the slightest.

However, it does worry me when their 'diamond package' is double my fee and they promises things like two 'professional photographers' (why would anyone need two photographers at their wedding) 8,000 photographs and all the other nonsense they've copied and pasted from someone else's site.

However, you pay your money and make your choices...

Anyway, the reason for my ramble is one of the must have shots all the new wedding photographers go for is the bride in the mirror...

I too love the bride in the mirror shot and my intention for this post was to post quite a few, but instead have chosen just to focus in on one and explore it more fully.

I use mirrors a lot for bridal-prep, in fact I can't think of any wedding where I haven't. One of the things I have got into recently is borrowing the make-up artists little mirrors and shooting the preparations handheld. I find this way of shooting the great as I can hide in the corner of the room completely away from everything.

This week's photograph was achieved with combination of three mirrors, but that doesn't matter really. What matters to me is the moment, the composition and it's rhythm.

Personally, I prefer this image in black and white, but it's composition and tones are simple enough for colour not to distract. I have attached the colour version below:

As always, thank you for your interest in my work,

James Fear