James & Sophie // Aynhoe Park...

I'm not going to lie to you; this week has been insane. I photographed six weddings back to back. One in Ireland, one at Radley College, one at Elmore Court, one somewhere else and in-between was this monster! James and Sophie's wedding at their home Aynhoe Park (dubbed by the Times the coolest house in Britain).

What an honour, how bloody scary, massive buzz, can I deliver? These are the sort of feelings I felt before, during and after...

The truth is, nowadays, I often find myself in a glorified world. I also know, my ability to see and capture pictures is better than it's ever been, but even so, I was a little more 'lit' than usual, as they say on Instagram.

The story of Aynhoe Park is well documented. I can pretty much guarantee, if you find yourself on my page, you'd have a great idea of the majesty which lies within its walls.

However, these photographs, as with all that I have ever shot are about the people.

The thrill of wedding photography for me, is putting everything and everyone in a place where I can photograph their day with only one outcome. Win-Win. Being at a wedding as a guest, family member or especially the Bride or Groom comes with many, many emotions. Emotions which not handled correctly can result in a devastatingly bad set of photographs.

For all these worries, the words below from Sophie, made me feel that I did indeed achieve the win-win I so desperately wanted.


"We love your photos so much".

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