The Gallivant Wedding photography...

This weekend I shot the wedding of the legends Jane and Ben at the Gallivant Hotel in East Sussex.

The Gallivant, is an amazing venue, a real hidden gem, or maybe not so much now it's been voted in the top 100 UK Restaurants and by The Sunday Times in their top 100 UK Hotels.

What really make the Gallivant so special to shoot though is on a nice day the beach is just a stone's throw away with beautiful golden sand and dunes which are amongst the best in the whole country.

I'm shooting the Gallivant a few times this year and I sincerely hope the weather will be as good as it was for Jane and Ben's wedding. I think the photograph tells you everything, but this is the first week in March, which makes it even more remarkable.

Massive thanks to Jane and Ben, I loved every second of your day.

James Fear