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Today, I have been thinking about taste... 

About this time a year ago I watched a Channel 4 documentary by award winning artist Grayson Perry entitled: All In The Best Possible Taste. If you missed the series it was divided into three episodes covering the artistic tastes of the working, middle and upper classes. 

As a wedding photographer I get to see some stunning venues. Over the last year I have been fortunate enough to work at Hampton Court PalaceBlenheim Palace & Sudeley Castle to name just a few, but it was a party I was invited to at a friends house this weekend which got me thinking about my taste, your taste and taste within wedding photography. 

My friends house isn't what you call ordinary. In fact, it's out of the ordinary...It's called Aynhoe Park and out of all the wonderful places I have been, to me; it's the most wonderful. It's the most wonderful not because it is the most wonderful (Although, it's still out of this world magnificent), but because I feel comfortable there, but feeling comfortable there isn't enough... I feel in awe, inspired and have the same sense of connection with it as I would a great painting, photograph or sculpture. 

This to me is taste and what I hope to achieve for my clients from my work. Up until recently, taste wasn't discussed within wedding photography. There were good photographers, OK photographers and of course bad photographers, just as today, but the limitations of the medium basically meant all wedding photographers shot the same way. Rigidly...

As the medium has moved on and digital has allowed a more fluid and candid approach to photography, new styles have emerged. These styles have got lots of names reportage, vintage, modern, funky etc. In fact, all that has really happened is taste has now become part of wedding photography. 

Taste is important, it defines who we are, it's tribal. As I have grown as a wedding photographer my taste has changed, become simpler in production, more complex in composition. I finished a wedding today, one I really loved. I loved it for so many reasons, but mainly because I felt I could be me freely. I have always put my sense of taste at the forefront of what I do and I have been lucky enough to find so many wonderful couples who share this with me.

I'm going to finish this post with a few shots from Anna and Martin's wedding at the Old Lodge. This isn't meant to be a full wedding post, but maybe a little insight into the kind of work that as a photographer makes me tick. 


the old lodge minchinhampton wedding photography

the old lodge minchinhampton wedding photograper

the old lodge wedding photography

 minchinhampton wedding photography

the old lodge minchinhampton wedding

the old lodge minchinhampton weddings

the old lodge wedding photography

 minchinhampton wedding photography