A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my first big solo wedding at Heythrop Park and how it really got the butterflies going.

Well, for this week's pick, I'm at another wedding which certainly got the butterflies a fluttering...

If Cheltenham is famous for anything, it's famous for the Gold Cup. I have always loved Race Week in Cheltenham and it's the one week a year I always take off. The one thing I never thought I would do though is photograph the wedding of one of the Gold Cup's winning Jockeys!

Lindsey came to me about six months prior and booked without meeting me. Scarily, this is becoming quite normal and often I don't meet clients until the day, but that's another post!

She just loved my portfolio and other weddings she'd seen of mine at Sudeley Castle. I must admit at the time I didn't really put two and two together. I just love shooting weddings at Sudeley, I was free...a no brainer really.

Anyway a few weeks prior to the wedding Lindsey and I met up to discuss the day and it twigged. Suddenly the Heythrop feelings came back! It's Paddy Brennan's wedding Ahhhhhhhhhh!

For those who don't know Paddy won the Gold Cup on Imperial Commander in 2010 and an absolute legend in the racing community.

I will leave it there for the time being as I hope to blog their wedding it a bit more detail, but the day was fantastic and I had nothing to worry about! I just can't believe out of the million and six wedding photographers out there they went with me - blows my mind really.

The reason I have chosen this shot for my main gallery has not really much to do with Paddy and Lindsey (sorry guys!) as it's far more to do with the framing. For people who read my blog regularly know I think the background of photographs is often more important than the subject. In an instance like this both subject and background merge perfectly...

The real strength of this photograph is the two paintings at either side, it creates a perfect triangle pointing to Paddy and Lindsey. The guests with their cameras makes another triangle again perfectly pointing to the subject. Even though I have shot hundreds of photographs like this, I feel this is the best to date and deserving of it's place in my main gallery and although paddy and Lindsey are perfect subjects, without the rest of the framing clues it would simply be a nice shot.

As always, thank you for your interest in my work,

James Fear