Wedding Photography at Ellenborough Park...

I write this on lockdown because of the dreaded coronavirus...

Suddenly, all my weddings have been postponed and I have sweet FA to do... Except for blogging!

Sas and Andrew's wedding gave me an idea of doing a surprise blog of the day. The idea being every day I post a surprise blog from all the weddings I have never had the chance to over the last ten years...

A proper trip down memory lane and a good chance for you to see my progress as a photographer. Hopefully, it should be fun.

The reason I chose Sas and Andrew's wedding was that it was a surprise wedding. All the evening guests thinking it was an engagement party at the Daffodil. But the truth is, they married at Ellenborough Park earlier in the day with their nearest and dearest.

What a fab idea and my God it paid off - one of the best weddings ever!

Proper Cheltenham wedding this - party people like me.

Sas owns Sarah Elizabeth Bridal in town. I've never been in as I'm a bloke, but everyone knows it is the total boom boom.


James “the legend” Fear, what can I say?
Being in the industry, surrounded by talented people meant that when I came to planning my own wedding, I had the pick of the bunch! And I’m so grateful and thankful all my picks made our perfect day!
On the day you were funny, reassuring and when you needed to be hidden! A great fun addition to our wedding day whilst being professional. Then getting the pictures back, we were absolutely blown away! Having seen so many over the years, I’m so grateful that I truly love mine!
Can’t thank you enough and would never hesitate to recommend ♥️

See you soon team, stay in, stay safe, stay groovy.