John and Lisa - Aynhoe Park Wedding...

Ok, so here I am, at my desk, still the world's worst writer, with a mega piece of content I have been wanting to put out for the last six months or so, but find the writing bit so difficult I've done nothing about it. Standard.

I mean thank God for the Instagram, frankly, I'd be buggered without it.

Anyway, look, this is the big one so far... I probably don't need to tell you that. Lisa and John's day was one of the biggest celebrity weddings of the year and I find myself in the somewhat scary position of photographing it...

I know I didn't get here by luck, I've been shooting weddings for many years now, photography literally hundreds a year, all over the UK and Europe. I've gained traction and I gained somewhat of a following. I know that. But (and with a capital B) Could I pull this thing off...?

I mean its John bloody Torode! I've watched him for years, and he's drive for perfection is bigger than mine! Was I scared? Sort of.

And if so, maybe not for the reasons you think... My Fear (no pun intended) was can I lead this ship... Can I create enough comfort and confidence in me needed? From a human behaviour perspective, creating an environment where trust and confidence is gained very, very quickly is key to this art called wedding photography. Without this, you can never pull the triggers necessary to produce the piccies. This is a deep subject which I don't want to bore you with, but it's massively key to my work.

Up until this day I never really met anyone off the telly-box, I didn't know how it would feel to be them. I had no idea. Would it be so alien, I wouldn't know how to behave in a way to create the trust and confidence needed? I mean stuff like that was zipping around my head for weeks before. At times I couldn't sleep if I'm honest.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I just rocked up and smashed it :-)



Hello you very clever man! My word we LOVE your photos, you have perfectly captured our magical day and we are forever grateful.