Wedding Photography at the Matara Centre...

Last year (2014) was the year of the Matara Centre for me...

I think I must have shot 20+ weddings there each once completely different and each one very special. Because, I couldn't only post weddings from the Matara on my blog I have a few special ones saved - Charlie and Gemma's wedding was one.

Like many of my weddings I had not met Charlie and Gemma, before the day. However, my last few weddings at the Matara had been quite soft, gentle, humanist affairs and being a Sunday, I had imagined theirs to be similar. I was wrong! Hedonism, fun & bewildering are words which spring to mind.

Charlie is a Londoner and Gemma from Manchester - I think they brought the most up for it people from each city there is!

The vibe and the fun of their wedding will stick with me forever. I have always been up for a party and considered myself rather good at it, but these lot left me in their shadows. I have no idea what happened when I left, but I'm sure it would have been a night to remember.

Massive thanks to Charlie and Gemma, what a wedding and thank you for your interest in my work,


Matara Centre wedding

Matara Centre weddings