Wedding Photography: Sgning of the Register

Red tape it's everywhere, driving the world insane...

Luckily, as a wedding photographer I work for myself and the only red tape guidelines imposed are by myself. Except one, the signing of the register... This age old tradition is one of the moments fraught with fear amongst nearly all wedding photographers. At 80% of venues you're likely to be screamed at by the local registrar if a camera is anywhere insight of this precious document, but at the other 20% you're free to do whatever you like...

Certain counties and venues (Warwickshire & the Botanical Gardens spring to mind) seem far stricter than others too. Where not only do they stop you from taking photographs of the signing of the register, but like to make sure that you can't get the bride walking down the aisle, exchanging rings, kiss etc. Why I don't know, it must be due to the fact that so many couples get their friend Dave to shoot their wedding who have no idea what they're doing. I have heard horror stories of so called photographers stopping the service etc, but I hate the fact we're all tarnished with the same brush. 

Photography to me is an art form, it's my passion and my job to photograph everything as beautiful as I can often in the most unbelievably busy environment with milliseconds to get key shots. 

The photograph below was taken in a beautiful Church in Herefordshire, where the signing of the register police had not yet reached... As you can see, this is a carefully thought out, timed and composed photograph which has me stamped all over it. It's a photograph I'm proud of and a photograph I know the bride and groom will cherish, I just feel it's such a shame in 90% of cases such a shot wouldn't be permitted.

As always, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and for your interest in my work,

James Fear