Clifton Suspension Bridge Wedding Photography by James Fear

For this week's post, I have chosen to skip forward in time to a very recent photograph of mine. In fact, so recent I only took it on Saturday...

So far in this series, I have only explored the getting ready side of things and all the shots featured have been in the reportage vain of wedding photography. i.e no setting up involved. However this side of my work is different...

To achieve a photograph like this isn't luck and is 100% set up, however the real trick is to make it not look like it in the slightest! 

The first and hardest thing to do is getting the background right. Even though we had the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge to work with it took a couple of minutes to find the right spot. There are probably a billion different ways to shoot a couple somewhere as iconic as this, but for me, to make this work I had to make the Bridge less dominant than the Bride and Groom. 

Once I had found the spot, it really is case of getting the bride and groom in position and revving them up a little until they have no option, but to have a laugh! 

I do think my Bride and Grooms think I'm nuts at times especially when it comes to this side of my work, but it is all absolutely intentional and with the only aim to get the best photograph possible.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this insight into my work,

James Fear