Bristol Wedding Photography...

While I've been blogging away about all the photographs I have in my main gallery, I suddenly thought why not run a series parallel about photographs which didn't quite make it into my main gallery and explore those in greater depths too.

This photograph was taken this year (2013) at Old Down Country Park, Tockington near Bristol.

It's a beautiful photograph and I think we may look back on in a few years time as one which sums up the fashion for weddings at the moment. Rachel's vintage veil and makeup are very reminiscent of the 50s, but it's the tattoo on th hairdressers wrist which I feel defines the era as the present.

This photograph follows nearly every rule I look for when photographing this kind of moment and is equally as strong as anything else in my main gallery. So you may be asking why it didn't make the cut? Well, it's simply that I felt I had too many similar shots from the getting ready side weddings, I also have another shot from their wedding in my main gallery and a bit of an unwritten rule of mine is there should only be one photograph from each wedding in my main gallery - although I have broken this rule a couple of times!.

I really do hope I can find the time to blog Rachel and Jay's full wedding as it is as beautiful as they come...but until I find the time I hope you enjoyed this little snippet.

As always, thank you for your interest in my work,

James Fear