Matara Centre Wedding photography...

I'm going to kick this post off saying I know bugger all about cricket. Literally nothing. The only time I encountered cricket was on the last day of school in the summer term where we encouraged to watch the Windus 6s match. For me, encouraged simply meant bunking off!

Anyway, I started this post in such a manner as low and behold the groom Mark is an England Cricketer. Also a total legend. Claire and Mark's wedding was just cracking. Start to finish extraordinary. Until the speeches I had no idea he'd achieved so much in his life and nor would it have mattered. Weddings like this are a joy to photograph and hard to imagine somewhere I'd rather be.

From start to finish there was just an overriding sense of joy and happiness.

I'll leave you with a few picks from their day and as always thank you for your interest in my work,



You are a VERY good man! Thank you!
Thanks again for the amazing photos and lovely to have met you.

If you are getting married at the Matara Centre for your big day and you like what you see, please drop me a line via my contact page. It would be great to hear from you.