Lapstone Barn Wedding Photography...

I write this from my desk, a couple of weeks into lockdown, and finding myself in a reflective mood.

Before I shot Zoe and Dan's wedding, I'd not photographed a wedding at Lapstone Barn before.

Shooting a venue for the first time is my fave. It's exciting, and it's new. I shoot from a place of instinct. Often, my first rodeo at a wedding venue produces my favourite images.

It's an interesting point of view. Many blogs and venues will disagree with this statement, and I can see why. I can imagine photographers turning up, (maybe a newbie, uncle Rodge or someone who perhaps hasn't had the experience needed) and completely muck it up. This must be awful for venues, the catering crew and more importantly, the couple.

I like the added chaos of not knowing the venue. I like chaos in general, I'm good at riding it, and I love the imagery it produces. Good photographers will all relate to this statement. If there is one thing that changes over the years of shooting is the acceptance of the unknown. The unknown is good, it produces my best work, and it's nothing to be scared of.

I often wish couple would embrace the unknown more... Zoe and Dan did a great job of this. They created a frame work. A beautiful frame wrk with some of the best suppliers out there, but from there they just let it roll.

Letting it roll produced one of the best weddings I've been to. All Suppliers played their A game.

Lapstone Barn - Smashed it
Magic: Rich Parsons (Glos Magician) - Smashed it
Singing Waiters :(Undercover Artist) Smashed it
Hair and Makeup: (Lauren Wheeler) - Smashed it
DJ: (SugarBumps) - Smashed it
Flowers: Flower Ladies - Smashed it
Band: Jamie Felton - Smashed it
Video: Mr and Mr's Productions - Smashed it


Hi James,
We wanted to send a message to give our thanks for the photos you have taken of our day!

Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and humour on the day. A day that included you braving the snow, wind, rain and bitter temperatures to get the most perfect shots possible!

From the moment we got the photos to now we haven’t gone half a day without looking through them again. Each time we go through we spot something different that shows another amazing part of our special day that otherwise we would have missed or may have been forgotten in the future. Everyone we have shown has been amazed at what you have managed to catch without them even knowing you were In the room!

We don’t know how you do it, Or how you are able to spot these moment, but it has resulted in every photo we have received being simply perfect.

Now can’t wait to get some prints on our walls!

Thank you so much,

Mr and Mrs Leach