Herefordshire Wedding Photography: How Caple Court...

I have been meaning to blog Laura and Pete's wedding at How Caple Court for ages now - probably six months... I just don't know where time goes!

Anyway, I'll begin...

I'd only worked at How Caple Court once before Laura and Pete's wedding, but How Caple has always been amazing to me and recommended me loads of times. Thank you!

There was only one concern pre-wedding and that's was with the vicar who said that no photos were allowed at all through the service. Luckily, a bit of sweet talking and a massive amount of reassurance meant I was allowed to take a couple from the back! This situation arises far more often than you may expect and I would certainly speak to the church prior to seeing their policy on photography.

Laura, Pete and their friends were amazing. It was yet another wedding where the photographs came easily from start to finish. Honestly, I loved it and looking at the photos reminded me of what a fab day it was. This is the point of what I do, it's not about trying to be on trend or out-dazzle the competition, but take photographs which reflect the love and feel in the air. It's all I do.

I hope you like looking through a few of the shots from Laura and Pete's special day and if you're looking for a photographer at How Caple Court or in the Hereford area please do not hesitate to get in contact.

As always thank you for your interest in my work,



Oh my god!!

We bloody love you!! We were so worried about how we would look because your portfolio is full of such beautiful people and we are very average haha but you’ve made us look incredible!

We have loved looking through every single one and re-living the day!

Never stop being a photographer!

Thank you so so much!


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