Wedding photography at Elmore Court...

I've made some truly great friends from my time in the wedding industry. From clients, to other suppliers and of course venues. I'm very much starting to feel that relationship build at Elmore Court.

Although Elmore is a relatively new venue in the Cotswolds it's one I have shot a fair few times now and one which suits my eye. I also feel very much at ease there. Almost home from home. This feeling is also felt by all the guest and why I think in many ways it's such an easy venue to shoot.

Ever since I've been a wedding photographer somehow, I've never really felt like the finished package.

It's a feeling I hope that never goes. I've always strived for my work to grow in both sophistication and it's purity. Although this is only the second wedding I have bloged from Elmore I feel that I again have made a very small step in the right direction.

On to the bride and groom: Rowena and Harrow...

Legends, simply legends. The happiest most wonderful wedding I have ever had the chance to witness.

I adored every second, so did everyone else...

Thanks to Leesa, Anselm, Simon, Andy and all the Elmore team totally nailed it and for the beer at the end!


Dear James,

After doing pretty much nothing except look at our photos for the past week, we wanted to drop you an email to say thank you SO MUCH for the amazing, amazing shots. My first reaction on seeing them was how much everyone (particularly me!) was constantly laughing! The day passed in such a whirl that it was quite hard for us to take everything in at the time, so it's been so nice looking at the photos: they really helped us see that we had exactly the wedding day we hoped for - so thank you so much for that. One of our friends really summed it up best in a comment on Facebook: "Best album ever, you guys look great AND it feels like the day. Boom, as they say." We couldn't put it better ourselves!

You will have seen that Leesa at Elmore would love to use some of the images on the Elmore blog, so do let us know if you have any conditions there. In the meantime, thanks so very much again - absolutely, 100% NAILED IT!!

All the best,

Rowena and Harro