Weddings at Cripps Barn...

It's 7:30am on a crisp September
morning and soon I'm off to shoot a Vanessa and Jez's wedding at Cripps Barn...

As is often the case on the day of a wedding I wake up exceedingly early with a mixture of excitement and is no different. The excitement I get from shooting a wedding never leaves, in fact, as the years roll on it seems to intensify. I love what I do and I love getting my clients images they'll treasure, but before the start of every wedding I have butterflies. Butterflies I hope will never leave.

Anyhow, I digress. For this week's photograph from images which feature in my main gallery I have chosen an image which I feel is fitting as it was taken at my first wedding I photographed at Cripps.

There is a real trend in wedding photography nowadays for everything to be 100% documentary with zero interference from the photographer. This on the most part I agree with... Although, I will open curtains, I'll move the odd bag and adjust a mirror from time to time too. Basically I'll quickly create the best environment for photography possible and once in place I document what's seen with as close to zero interference as possible.

However, there is another side to my work which is set up and as far from documentary wedding photography as possible. This shot below is a great example of this and it's all about imagery. How I see things is, my clients book me so they can have a record of their day, but a record of their day with the strongest images possible.

I do also know, that many in the wedding photographers would look at a photograph like this with disdain, but for me strong imagery is strong imagery. It's a photograph I love, but above all it's a photograph my clients love and as such, I feel I have done my job.

As always thank you for your interest in my work.