Broadway Wedding Photography...

Hannah and Tom got married in Broadway in the Cotswolds. Quite possibly they had the worst weather all year. It was a bugger to photograph really... No matter how good cameras get this super low level light is very tricky. There are quite a few reasons for this, but mainly it's due to massive lack of contrast so the camera finds it very hard to grab focus and when it does grab focus the photographs look washed out no matter how much polish you add in post.

I always think honesty is best policy and to post a wedding in these conditions is rare for photographers, as for many it can be hard to see through the conditions. But for me, Hannah and Tom's wedding is probably the one I'm most proud of in 2016 and if it wasn't for my trusty new Canon 5d MKIVs I'm not sure half the shots you see here would have been possible.

Anyway - hope you like,