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There are times in life where you just have to take a second to reflect. Writing this blog post for me is one...

In all honesty, it doesn't seem like much more than a month ago when I started this little business of mine, with not one iota of knowledge if it was going to succeed and also not with a hint of worry. You see, at the time I didn't care if my business was a financial success, all I was interested in is following my dream.

To date, this dream has taken me to some incredibly beautiful places and more importantly I have met some wonderful people who'll remain friends for life. This week's wedding is no different: Luke and Victoria's beautiful wedding at Blenheim Palace.

Blenheim Palace needs no introductions: situated in Woodstock, Oxfordshire home of the Duke of Marlborough, birthplace of Winston Churchill and possibly a million other claims to fame.

Having a building as beautiful as Blenheim does not make a wedding though the people do. And what people...! From the second I arrived at Victoria's house I was so warmly welcomed I felt like I'd been part of the family from birth. As the day progressed, I met more and more of Luke and Victoria's wonderful friends and family, I honestly didn't want to leave.

This was one of those weddings which was hard to blog on my initial pick I had 190 shots. I have scaled it back as far as I can, but if you're getting married at Blenheim Palace and looking for a photographer please do not hesitate to get in contact and I show you the other 400+ Shots I had to leave out!

As always thank you for your interest in my work,


Hi James hope you're well. Apologies we've not been in touch sooner, it's all back to reality now the wedding is over.

Just wanted to let you know how over the moon we were with the photos. I can't stop looking at them, they are so fantastic, they are everything we were hoping for. Every time I look I seem to spot something new, they tell so many stories, we've had so many conversations with friends and family around them where they say wasn't that one fantastic or funny or beautiful and I have to run and look all over again, I don't think I'll ever stop browsing through them.

Also thank you for everything on the day. We are so glad we picked you, it's so important to have someone everyone relaxes around and you certainly just fit in with everyone, from learning about rubbish films with the bridesmaids in the morning to teaching my aunt about photography! Everyone has said how fab you were.

Thanks again and hope to see you soon, we'd love to pull together an album with you if possible.

Luke and Victoria

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Blenheim Palace Wedding Photography
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