Elmore Court Wedding Venue in The Cotswolds...

I was on Facey the other day and I saw a banging blog by my mate Naomi at Elmore Court... It was an Indian fusion wedding and I thought, I did one of those recently and it was mega too, so I better get it on the blog!

Indian weddings are not for the faint hearted, they move at 200 miles an hour and you've got to be on it to the max to see the beauty through the chaos. Bloody exciting to be honest. Also, Jo and Parit know what they want and I don't think picking a photographer was a matter of the first one they find on Google!

I also had my (I've created a monster) Mr Tom Durn on B cam - he smashed it, but as it's my blog I only put one of his up - can you guess which one?

Photos below - hope you like!



James, Tom, Romans and Countrymen What can we say, the photos are fantastic. You're both right - you both bloody smashed it. We both were mistakenly under the impression that life would finally calm down after the wedding, unfortunately it seems to have been the opposite but we finally finally got a chance to review all the of photos and we love them. Not only are the pictures great, we had such fun with you through the day too, it was a barrel of laughs all of the way! In fact we are finding ourselves saying 'jamesisms' all the time since...! we feel incredibly lucky to have had the both of you on our day, this wasn't a great photographer and assistant as we had thought early days, this was two incredibly talented artists, James, we loved your work as soon as we saw it so the choice was obvious for us, Tom your work is absolutely amazing, we love all the pictures from both of you, better watch your back James! So many of our guests are still talking about laughing with you guys and the bridesmaids in particular are very much enjoying spotting the shots on insta and facey! Of all the people who helped make our wedding special, both of you were the ones we were the least worried about. Our guests are a little headstrong, and we knew you'd tame them and take shots that we'll be putting up all over the house. We were, resoundingly, proven right. Thank you both so much. If either of you finds yourself in west london, always feel free to give us a shout and we'll spot you a beer or two and if there's anything we can do in terms of formal reviews etc that would help please just let us know, we have already put your names forwards for friends and acquaintances planning their nuptials.

Happily, Joanna and Parit