Cripps Stone Barn Wedding Photography...

Bridal Prep at Barnsley House...

There are some great little combinations in life ham and eggs, gin and tonic, Barnsley House and Stone Barn...

Barnsley house is a venue I have worked in many times over the years and have always really liked. Sometimes for the whole wedding and sometimes just for the bridal part of the day. For Lindsay and Andy's wedding it was just for the bridal prep before we moved on to Cripps Stone Barn Aldsworth.

I also had the chance to shoot in a room I had not had the chance to before and also with the dream team of Chris Fordham on hair and Katy Pheiffer on Make up!

It's always nice when working with friends in the industry and then who rocks up none other than Suzi from Kushi Cars. It really was a fun part of the day!

The Wedding and Reception at Cripps Stone Barn...

Although I have shot hundreds of weddings at Cripps, at Stone Barn I have done fewer - maybe five or six. Also, up until Andy and Lindsay's the weddings I have shot there have on the whole been quite quiet family affairs...

I'd even go as far to say the wedding was quite an upbeat affair, with plenty of drinking and North South divide banter...

It really was a legendary day. One I loved photographing.

I could put hundreds more shots up from Lindsay and Andy's wedding - capturing the fun, naughtiness and sheer brilliance of proceedings, but Google doesn't like slow loading pages so below is your lot!

As always thank you for taking the time to view my work, it really does mean the world to me.


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