Wedding Photograph of the Week - Eynsham Hall  

One of my guilty pleasures is BBC Three's Don't Tell the Bride...

It's a show I'd love if I wasn't a wedding photographer, but seeing as weddings are such a big part of my life it makes it even more special to me. In this week's episode the Groom decided the perfect venue was Stoke City Football club... However (as is often the case) the Bride wanted to have her reception held somewhere completely differently. Her dream venue was Eynsham Hall near Witney in Oxfordshire.

Eynsham Hall really is a lovely venue and one which suits my style of wedding photography perfectly. While looking through my archives of photographs taken at Eynsham Hall I stumbled across this shot and though it would be perfect for this week's photograph...

Taken at the end of last year (2012) it was one of those super tricky December weddings with wind, rain and it was dark by 4pm. Winter weddings are always tougher to photographs for those reasons just mentioned, but they also tend to produce lovely moments like this. 

I remember taking this photograph well as I had to change lens and get into position and the whole time hoping the bridesmaid wouldn't change her behaviour... I had to put my trusty 35mm lens on to get this photograph as the room was so dark it is the only lens which would let enough light in and allow me to compose the image as intended. 

In super dark situations colour rarely works as well as black and white, but this photograph breaks that rule completely... I can't remember the exact settings of the camera, but I do know that that up until very recently camera technology would not be up to taking a photograph in these conditions. Why this shot works so well in colour is the vibrancy of the bridesmaid's pink dress. If she was wearing white the photographs tonality would be completely changed and the photograph would have looked muddy.

I really do love this photograph and ticks all my boxes in terms of composition and storytelling plus it was very difficult to achieve. I don't really know why I haven't chosen it for my main gallery, but it is one of my favourites. 

As always, thank you for your interest in my work,

James Fear